Elevare Wellness

Soul of the Earth Yoga is excited to announce our newest branch of Wellness, Elevare Skin Red & Ivory. Elevare Skin is a highly effective system of LED and light therapy for skin rejuvenation and healing. Backed by clinical studies, as well as research originally conducted by NASA, Elevare’s innovative FDA cleared systems, deliver long-term results and sometimes even instant results, without any side effects or downtime. Elevare Skin has been clinically proven to aid; Fibromyalgia, Tension/Muscular Headaches, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Disk Degeneration, Sprains/Strains, Meniscus Tear, Plantar Fasciitis, Loss of Collagen, Wounds, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout Lupus, General Joint Pain & Psoriatic Arthritis.



Introductory Light Session

40 minutes – $30


Starter/Restarter Program

Must be a new client or a returning client after a break.

$125 – 4 weeks with 3 sessions a week (1st session is 20 minutes, all sessions after are 15 minutes)


Maintenance Program

$70 – 4 weeks with 1 session a week at 15 minutes
$140 – 4 weeks with 2 sessions a week at 15 minutes
$140 – 4 weeks with 1 session a week at 30 minutes


$20 – Single 15 minute session or addon to any above session*

To book an appointment please call 626-731-9642 or email souloftheearthyoga@gmail.com

Payment may be made at the start of every session either cash or card.