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Noelle Hoye, E-RYT. 626-731-9642.       
18833 Hicrest Rd., Glendora, CA 91741

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Training 2019

Open the door to our 200 hour yoga training and expand your knowledge for you, personally, or to work as a teacher.  This is a certified 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training.  Please contact Noelle Hoye at


Essential Oils

    Come to hear and see about the new items released at Convention.  These and other products will be on display. What better way to find out how to bring you and your family into another healthy way of living?  Nature's way of keeping us in health and working with our own immune systems to be our best.  Please connect to our Mindbody app below to sign up for class or contact us via text at the studio.  You will be entered into a drawing and bring a new friend with you and get a second chance in the drawing

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Class Schedule                

Mondays (Bus. hours 8:30am-8:30pm)
9:00am: Level 1-2
10:30am: Meditation**
4:00pm: Level 1* 
7:15pm:  Level 1*Starts up in Nov

Tuesdays (Bus. hours 9am-8pm)
12:00pm: Irwindale Rec. Center 
 6:30pm: Level 1*

Wednesdays (Bus. hours 8am-8pm)
8:30am: Meditation**
9:00am: Level 1
7:00 pm:  Beginner-Restorative Class*-Petra

Thursdays (Bus. hours 6am-7pm)
6:00am: Ashtanga Prep* 
9:00 am:Beginner/Level 1 Class*-Sumako 
12:00pm: Irwindale Rec. Center 
5:30pm: Level 1*

Fridays (No scheduled classes)
Workshops and special events      

Saturdays (Bus. hours 8am-12pm)
8:00am: Ashtanga Prep *
10:00am: Prenatal yoga - Beginner yoga*
12:00pm: Workshop and special events

* NO 8am class on Oct 13

Class times are 90 minutes unless otherwise noted.
*Class time is 1 hour
**Class time is 30 minutes

Rates & Packages
5-class series*: $70
11-class series*: $132
20-class series*: $220
Meditation: $8
5-class Meditation:  $35
11-class Meditation:  $55
Unlimited monthly pass: $100
*Series packages expire in 90 days

Private sessions also available